Kori Hahn


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Kori is a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga instructor and Government of India certified Ayurvedic massage therapist. After 15 years of study Kori has founded Santosha Society, a community gathering place to share knowledge and experience. We are here to offer you support and guidance in our lifelong adventure to becoming the best people possible.

Her two greatest loves are travel and yoga which have taken her worldwide throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. With a hungry heart for travel and exploration and a curious mind for wellness approaches and philosophies, she considers herself a “student” for life. She is passionate about Ayurveda, herbalism, naturopathy as well as global theology. Her dedication to Ashtanga and Yin Yoga give her a balanced approach to strengthening and healing the body. Yet she believes it is through meditation that the mind becomes more flexible. Kori’s retreats are designed to share her knowledge in a way that gives her students a sense of autonomy in their paths, immersing them in an ocean of wellbeing to take back to their everyday lives.


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