Kremy Dimitrova

Forest Hill, London
United Kingdom

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Kremy Dimitrova – Yoga Autobiography

Kremy trained for 2 years at one of the most respected yoga facilities in London – Triyoga - with her teachers Susannah Hoffman and Jeff Phenix. She is a living example of the positive benefits yoga can bring into your life. As soon as she took her first class back in 2007 she was flabbergasted by the transformative qualities of the practice; both physical and mental, especially the magical effects of the breath, which she would love to share with you. Increased healing & energy, better sleep and a calmer more peaceful life, strengthening and conditioning your body are just a few of the gifts you'll receive from her classes. Alignment and attention to detail will surely come up too. You will be safely guided through posture work, breath awareness and relaxation.

Kremy explores variety of yoga styles and methods, and continues travelling and meditating in search of amazing teachers to help expand her experience and incorporate this into her teachings. A dedicated practitioner she is grateful to the many wonderful teachers she has already met along her path. Her classes are dynamic, challenging, filled with humor and all inclusive. Teaching beginners is a particular joy but also seasoned practitioners are most welcomed. Groups or 1:1s will all benefit from the classes. Her teaching is clear, creative and inspiring, guiding students to explore their edge with kindness and awareness. Through the architecture of the asanas, the breath, and being present, she invites people to connect with the sacred space within, where we can uncover the authenticity of who we truly are, and all the potential we hold. She offers modifications for different levels and injuries, sharing compassionate hands-on-assists. An enthusiastic teacher spreading her passion and sharing her love of yoga, she currently teaches for , a charity in Old Street city of London and privates in the South East of London.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Kremy Dimitrova


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