Kris Montigny

Niantic, CT
United States
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Kris Montigny, E-RYT500… Dedicated to eradicating pain, and unleashing a life overflowing with Strength, Vitality, Comfort and Ease!

Formerly a principle Teacher Trainer for Master Yoga Foundation (2004-2013), I am uniquely suited to helping you find your path to health and wholeness. If there is anything holding you back, keeping you in pain, or if you know you were meant for something more, but can't seem to find it, I will support you in your process, and guide you to your next step… and beyond.

“With just one session, Kris consistently propels me to an entirely new place of healing, that which would have taken me years to get to otherwise.”
Steve Thoman, CSYT, RYT500

"Back pain sent me to my first class with Kris Montigny. Besides making my back feel better, her classes taught me to physically and mentally lose the stress of the week. While other yoga teachers have been good, none have had the lasting impact that Kris did. Her personalized and intuitive teaching have given me life permanent skills.
Taking yoga classes with Kris Montigny is like having your body remade and your mind reborn."
Fran Cohen, RI

"I seek out Kris’ insightful instruction in her specialized workshops and weekend training opportunities, for it is through these intensive programs that I am learning the art of integration…the ability to bring these changes into each and every day of my life so that my true potential may be manifested. I have come to consider my work with Kris to be an adventure of a lifetime."
Judy Fontaine-Higgins, CT


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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