Kristen O'Conner

Burien, WA
United States

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"You do not become who you are, you create who you become.”

Kristen is inspired to question life and its unfoldings. To not look for answers from gurus, but to recognize that being in a place of emptiness simply opens the door to possibility. Since the tender age of 8, Kristen has sought answers to life’s questions, often writing in her journal, questioning the whys and wherefores of life’s processes. Learning to understand her own mind’s restless nature, Kristen understands the path to bliss is often wrought with challenges, but that those challenges inevitably grow the human spirit.

Born and raised in Burien, WA, Kristen is a local yogini who knew she wanted to teach yoga after her first class. While attending Whitman College she was under stress and suffered from intense back pain. "I was often angry with my body for being in pain. Through yoga I started to learn how to give healthier attention to my body and to create affirming intention behind my movements, which are now of a more healing nature". She has trained in many traditions of the practice including viniyoga (vinyasa krama), Kundalini, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), Pilates and daily practices for wellness. She received her 200RYT in 2009 from Ann Basco in the tradition of viniyoga (vinyasa krama). She received her STOTT Pilates certification in 2010 from Body Center Studios in Seattle and was level 2 certified on all equipment in 2018. She also received her KRI Kundalini yoga certificate in 2017.

Kristen is a creative and innovative instructor who designs classes to fit the individuals in the room. While she encourages students to explore their edges, she embraces self-acceptance as a bridge between the breath, the mind and the body, awakening complete awareness throughout. She invites students to experience the daily devotions of a yogi, while creating an open and healing environment for people of all faiths, flexibilities and experience levels.