Kristen Thomas

Buffalo, NY
United States

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From an early age, I recognized the intimate connection that exists between the body and the mind. With a background in dance instruction and performance, as well as a doctorate in medicine, I have witnessed time and again how we can find healing and joy in becoming more mindful of the internal rhythm and beat of our daily lives. A lifelong seeker of truth and knowledge, I found myself naturally drawn to yoga not only for its many health benefits, but also for the deeply practical and insightful wisdom found in the yogic scriptures. My personal practice has a strong foundation in Ashtanga yoga, yet is balanced by the free flow of a regular vinyasa style. Having received my RYT-200 from the Himalayan Institute in 2014, I enjoys helping my students find their own light both on and off the mat. As a teacher (and as a DJ), I have a special interest in the healing nature of sound within our yoga practice, believing that each of us lives our own song daily through the beating of our hearts and the rhythm of our breath.

Kristen is the founder of FLOAT Yoga, originator of Buffalo's first beer yoga series, Bhakti, Beats & Brews.


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