Kristi Hardy

Crosby, TX
United States

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Kristi began her yoga journey in 2001 when she checked out a yoga video at her local library when she was looking for something to help her during a personal struggle. A studio opened in her home town shortly after and the peace and connection to Christ she felt on her mat was deep from that point on. She began formal teacher training but didn’t finish when she became pregnant with her first son in 2009. In 2019, she felt the call to teach again, began searching for a christian yoga certification program and found YogaFaith. She enrolled and became a RYFT 200 certified teacher in March 2021 through YogaFaith. She is also certified in yoga with weights through Xen Strength Yoga. Aside from teaching yoga, Kristi teaches elementary music full time to over 550 kindergarteners. She lives in Crosby, Texas just outside of Houston with her two sons and husband of 15 years.


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