Kristin Campobasso

Grayslake, IL
United States

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I am Kristin of AOK Yoga! AOK is an acronym for Adam or Anthony Orson and Kristin! Adam is my husband & best friend and my biggest supporter next to Orson our 11 year old son! Anthony is my brother & Best friend who helped to finance my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I am an urban hippie who love yoga with all my heart. My life has been a beautiful struggle. I am always learning from experiences. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. I got really serious when I was pregnant and I took yoga at College of Lake County with Terry Crews, she was amazing and I continued to practice after Orson was born. Then in 2008 I took a break when my father in law passed from pancreatic cancer. Yoga didn’t seem to help My grief in a positive way. My haitas was broken after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010 and I went to a friends class and it was subbed by Brooke Cline and she taught me twists and then taught a Karmas Classs for pancreatic cancer at Total Body Yogaand it was at that class I felt reborn into my yogini self. I trained with Wendy Dahl and Adam Braun at Total Body Yoga through Blue Sun Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. I have continued to train and practice.
My teaching style is Vinyasa Flow that is very heart and twist bases! My playlists are my passion! My music taste range from Mozart to Miles Davis to Phish to Wu Tang Clan. I have been in love with music since I was born I cannot fall asleep or do anything really without music! I usually have my own soundtrack playing every where I go!
Iif you want to know anything about me just ask and never pussyfoot! My rules for life are don’t pass the buck and never throw anyone under the bus! My greatest rule is Love it or leave it! I love yoga and making up flows to music. I have always loved to choreograph since I was little and standing on my head to think was always my go to. My favorite word is love and I love to love. So my heart goes into every class I teach. Yoga is a practice not perfect some days you get into mermaid or bird of paradise some days you don’t. Yoga is about being yourself on the mat and being AOK with where you are at that moment.
Recently I have gone through a turbulent time and it has made me realize what matters. My life is my life and I have to live it learn from it and love it. I have made mistakes and others may judge me, but that’s not what yoga is about. Yoga is about living your own truth and I want to help my students be their true authentic selves and to also forgive themselves and know we’ve all got scars. Please come practice with me soon I teach at least twelve classes a week so there are plenty of opportunities. I am at The Yoga Effect, Changing Gears, Trillium, and LAFitness Waukegan. I teach flow classes, Basics, HOT, Level 1, & Warm &Gentle! I love to teach and I love to practice even more.


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