Kristina Giard-Bradford

Nashville, TN
United States

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Hello! I became a certified (200 hour) yoga teacher in 2009 with Greg Turner with YogaSteps and have been been teaching yoga ever since.
I decided to enroll in teacher training after being diagnosed with cancer. I didn't plan on teaching, but wanted to learn more about yoga for myself. But then some colleagues of mine asked me to teach some I've probably lead hundreds of free classes since then.

I first started teaching at Vanderbilt's Dayani Center, leading a Laughter Yoga class, and then a temporary teacher sub position turned into a two year journey of Monday morning classes at 6:00 AM! I taught yoga and Laughter Yoga at Vanderbilt for 2+ years. After that I lead free classes through my job at the Williamson County Health Department, and held classes for several years at various locations including the Franklin Library, Bethlehem United Methodist Church, JL Clay Senior Center, and Franklin Public Housing. I'm also a certified Laughter Yoga leader (laughter ) and I sometimes incorporate some laughter yoga into my yoga classes.
Currently, I work full time and teach a free weekly class at the Bellevue Library in Nashville, sharing teaching of the class with another Bellevue yogi.
I enjoy leading level 1 or gentle yoga classes and feel that no one should walk away from a yoga class thinking they can't do it. Yoga is for don't give up if you take a class that's too challenging. You are a unique person, so your yoga will be unique. Although I'm a yoga teacher- I don't know how to do a handstand, headstand or full that's okay! I'm more interested and trying to remember to breathe when I'm feeling stressed out. The breath is the barometer of our emotions (as my Jane Fonda VHS used to tell me!). :)
My favorite 'celebrity' yoga teachers are Seane Corn, Sharon Gannon and David Life. And thanks to Jane Fonda for her yoga video in the 1990's!

Namaste and Ho Ho HA HA HA!


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