Kristina Lanuza

Austin, TX
United States

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About Sumukhi (Kristina Lanuza) and Yogafly
Yogafly’s philosophy is that by practicing Yoga anyone can fly while staying grounded on the earth. Yogafly was founded by Kristina Lanuza (Sumukhi Devi) in 2000 to bring all of Yoga’s practices for freeing the heart and mind into everyday life.

Although we love teaching the bio-mechanics of physical flight through Hatha Yoga, Yogafly is not just about the physical ability to fly. Yogafly designs Yoga techniques, Sanskrit, mantra, Pranayama (breathwork) into daily life practices to allow your individual spirit, mind, intellect, creativity and happiness to expand.

Yogafly does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to Yoga. We believe that just as there are billions of bodies on this planet, there are billions of unique Yoga practices that work for each person. We emphasize ultimate creativity for each practitioner and teacher of Yoga while staying true to the very definition and root of Yoga – which in Sanksrit means “to yoke” – or bring you into alignment with the divine.

About Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza – Sumukhi has dedicated her life to understanding and knowing the nature of life and existence. She began practicing and teaching Yoga in 1997 and in 2001, she stepped onto Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York and found what she had been looking for in Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramamurti S. Mishra (Guruji), the Founder and Guru of Ananda Ashram’s, teachings. Since then, Guruji’s emphasis on pulsation, vibration, nature, meditation, Sanskrit, the Music of Silence and the true Nature of I-AM has inspired Sumukhi’s life and teaching in every way. She fills her yoga classes with creativity, joy, laughter, music, science, meditation and intention.

Sumukhi has completed multiple teacher trainings and is certified in several Hatha Yoga techniques: Ashtanga (Power Yoga), Anusara and Therapeutics. She created and co-leads a highly respected Yoga Teacher Training program in Austin, Texas – Yoga Illumined (now also a Yoga Studio) – with Zoe Mantarakis – which immerses students in a life-long practice of Yoga and provides them with the tools to teach others. Sumukhi has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. Edward’s University. She co-founded Mudita Yoga Center in Kingston, NY with Shawn Harrison.

And then there’s music. For the gift of music, she thanks her father, Alfredo C. Lanuza, and again Guruji for opening up the music of the spheres – “anahata nadam” in her heart and mind. Additionally, Kristina has over 17 years experience in marketing, public relations and advertising working with Fortune 500 and multi-national brands.

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