Kristy L

Toronto, ON

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Kristy completed Iam Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training, after first discovering yoga as part of her training at theatre school. She is passionate about holistic living, from cultivating her own yoga practice to exploring plant based nutrition. Kristy started out in yoga just looking for a workout she didn’t hate, but in addition to building strength and flexibility she discovered the practice had amazing benefits for anxiety management. After participating in the Blu Matter Project’s first HEAL training, she is excited to further explore yoga as an integrative treatment for stress and mental illness.
As a yoga teacher, Kristy aspires to reach people from all walks of life, making yoga an accessible and non-threatening practice for marginalized groups and people. Iam has been her home studio since 2012, and she is so happy to be a part of this incredible community. As an actress and comedian, Kristy tries not to take herself to seriously, and is only committed to things like instagraming her smoothie recipes and making sure her students enjoy a centred, grounding practice.


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