Kristy Zapp

Tucson, AZ
United States

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I have been honored to have worked in the field of Behavioral Health for more than 30 years, and have a passion for seeing people reach their full potential. I am a firm believer of Yoga as a tool for , coping with stress, and for improving overall health. I am a firm believer that Yoga is for every body, at any age, and that there is a style for everyone. My goal is to make Yoga accessible to all, and I LOVE to teach a gentle style, with an emphasis on pranayama and meditation techniques. I also have experience teaching Yoga in the corporate setting, and enjoy sharing techniques for the management of stress/anxiey- both in the corporate setting as well as in the studio. A regular Yoga practice is a way to reconnect with yourself, while also improving your overall health and strengthening a sense of community with other beautiful, evolving beings.

Week of November 29TH

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