Kseniia Maa Krishna Anand


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Kseniia Mochalova is Personal Growth Inspirer, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Guide, specialized in Antrang (Internal) Yoga. 12 years of personal experience in meditation, multiple yoga and meditation retreats in India and Nepal. Yoga Teacher’s Training and Yoga Therapy certification by Paramanand Institute of Yoga, Indore, India. “ My utmost interest was always directed towards the so-called “unknown” within us. How to bring ourselves to the equilibrium point and maintain the harmony for a long time? How to become the Masters of Our Own Light?” The answers to these and many other questions are revealed by practicing Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini is the creative energy; the energy of self-expression. And by awakening it, we aim to speed up the pace of personal physical, mental and spiritual evolution.


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