Kyla Frankland-Linder


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My mission is to provide classes that are serene, safe, and welcoming, where students can explore their yoga practice and develop their own personal yoga journey.

The biggest misconception about yoga is that you have to be flexible and fit to be “good", this is simply not true. Anyone can practice yoga.
The focus in my classes is not on the attainment of a perfect physical pose but the practice of uniting mind, body and spirit.

Practicing yoga will allow you to reconnect with your inner reservoir of energy, vitality and creativity; opening yourself up to positive transformation. Ultimately creating a calm mind, an open heart and a strong feeling of self love.

My yoga classes are designed to decrease stress, balance body and mind and connect you to your inner self, while nourishing the natural ability of the body to energize and heal, so you can realize your amazing potential.

I would love to invite you to take one of my classes or book a private session, where we can work more in depth on your personal goals.



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