Kylie Gilbert

West Hollywood, CA
United States

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"I found yoga in college. The physical and mental practice became an outlet for me to relieve stress, establish balance, and restore my perspective. After graduating, I committed myself to a consistent Ashtanga practice and noticed transformations happen on and off the mat. I felt so much love for the practice and motivation to learn more that I decided to take teacher training. I recently underwent a 12 week 200 hour yoga instructor certification program focusing on Vinyassa and Ashtanga influence.

I now view yoga as a disciplined lifestyle practice, or rather a state-of-mind. Yoga is a process of coming back to our true-authentic selves. My classes aim to highlight this by connecting each student back to their sacred guide, the breath. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spread this magic with others. Come practice with me in the most beautiful, serene, outdoor space and experience the bliss for yourself!”


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