Kym Nelson


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I am a science and psychological-minded writer, with an unconventional style as a yoga teacher. Until recently I was delving into the fascinating minds of scientists for Europe's number one on-line news service.

Previously I was a travel writer in Australia, but on returning to my native country in the UK, started suffering frequent panic attacks - a result of suddenly going from working in open spaces to confined spaces in London. This led me to yoga in a bid to control the attacks, and which subsequently led to teaching.

I continue to write on thought-provoking issues, utilising my creative skills in PR, and teaching yoga and writing workshops. Most recently I have been teaching yoga to women who have had traumatic and emotional experiences.

My love of writing, yoga and mindfulness has led me to set up an international venture called WriteIntoYoga - workshops and retreats which bring a unique and colourful edition to the traditional world of yoga. I also teach private lessons for individuals and companies.


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