Lacie Delgado

Naples, FL
United States
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I have been practicing for about 13 years. I was a dancer and had too many injuries so at the young age of 17 I had to stop dancing and began doing yoga. After moving to Florida I had fallen away from yoga, dance and movement. After my first son was born eight years ago I was suffering from postpartum depression. I began doing yoga out of vanity and from Then my inner journey of healthy change began when I realized yoga was so much more than asana. From there I realized I could help guide other people to achieving their own health. However, because of money I was only able to do level one yoga fit training . I have been teaching for about four years from the heart while continuing my education month-to-month with different workshops from different master yogis. I have also been apprenticing in a classical Pilates studio for the last year and a half and will be fully reformer and apparatus trained by the end of 2014. My goal is to just help people feel better and spread the love and energy that yoga and Pilates bring. One day I hope to finish my 500 hours so that I can gain a little more of the infinite knowledge that is yoga. Guiding people how to be aware of their bodies and move their bodies to create better health is my calling. Unity between mind, body, breath and spirit with the science of yoga and Pilates !!!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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