Laila Lidmila

Calgary, AB

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During my childhood my favourite past time was rolling around on the floor or grass experimenting how I could move my body for hours and sometimes making routines without having any dance or gymnastics training. The movements were free, natural, uninhibited and left me in a state of wonderment and curiosity. I did this rolling around between the ages of 5 and 12 yrs and stopped because it was not appropriate to be rolling around on my front lawn anymore and my parents living room was no longer big enough.

Many years later I found myself taking my first Yoga Class with Maggie Kavanagh and the sweet intuitive sensations of how my body wanted to move resurfaced.

The wonderment and curiosity of how bodies move is still with me and is part of making all of my classes fun, challenging, unique and interactive so clients look forward to attending each class.

I am a vivacious instructor sharing enthusiasm for fitness and emphasizing gaining joy from moving.


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