Lakota Phippen

Salt Lake City, UT
United States

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Lakota was raised in the discipline of endurance athletics competing as a Nordic skier, runner, swimmer, mountain and road cyclist. Early in his teenage years he was introduced to the discipline of Yoga. Yoga struck him deeply with a sense of familiarity and from that point he began his journey into the depths of spiritual practice. His spiritual growth was often times held between religious devotion, practical awareness and scientific observation. Lakota has spent the latter years of his life immersing himself into the depths of Eastern wisdom with devout study of many Hindu, Christian and Buddhist scriptural texts as well as the ancient Shaivist tantric practice of Kundalini-Kriya Yoga. During the winter of 2016 Lakota took formal initiation into Kriya Yoga under Swami Nityananda Giri in Rishikesh, India
Lakota humbly offers a genuine transmission of the tradition of Yoga, providing the rooted principles and heritage of traditional practice to feed the perennial blossom of everyday life. His classes, formed around the foundation of Kriya Yoga, weave story, metaphor, asana, pranayama, and traditional tantric dharana to provide the student a stable netting for meeting and greeting the wonder and inheritance of modern life.


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