Lakota Sandoe

Cambridge, MA
United States
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Birth with confidence with prenatal yoga

I first met Lakota at one of her prenatal classes 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first. I had limited yoga experience but was able to follow the class with ease. She is so welcoming and has a very calming presence. What I was drawn to most was how she really connected the movements of my body, my breath, and my focus to the little life growing inside of me.


Her knowledge and experience of pregnancy is highly reflected in her class which brought me much comfort as it was my first pregnancy. I learned how to be more connected to my pregnant body and baby as my belly grew.

Four years later when I became pregnant for the second time I was not able to find the time to attend a yoga class while I juggled work and the demands of family. As I reached the end of my third trimester I was suddenly hit with panic, feeling (with good reason) physically and mentally unprepared for my VBAC attempt. I emailed Lakota hoping she could offer me some guidance and encouragement in my some what frenzied state. She was incredibly responsive and wonderful despite the fact I had really asked for help with little time to work with before baby.

With only four weeks until my due date she met with me to discuss my hopes and fears surrounding childbirth. She offered me several exercises to help me address my emotions about the unplanned cesarean of my first daughter, ways to envision my upcoming birth and some recommended reading from Birthing From Within. After our meeting she emailed me a recap of what we discussed which was so helpful as I suffered from some major "pregnancy brain".

Upon the completion of my homework and only a week left to go, Lakota found a time to meet with me again to work on some breathing and focusing exercises. We did some gentle yoga and a meditation exercise. She offered some ways to improve my strength and flexibility despite that it would have been more ideal for me to have been practicing starting earlier in my pregnancy. I left our meeting feeling much more relaxed and prepared for child birth. I have not taken her child birth classes but I am sure they are insightful and educational. I love how she shares similar philosophies to me in regards to health and nutrition, valuing a natural childbirth but also recognizing that there are appropriate and necessary times for medical intervention.

I highly recommend Lakota's yoga classes especially if you are an expecting mother. I was able to welcome childbirth with more calm, confidence and knowledge.