Lalit Dewan

Melbourne VIC

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I’ve been practicing yoga in one form or another for one and half decade.

I came into yoga due to my health problems. I used to suffer from chronic tonsilities and gout. I took all sorts of medication and sought help from many places with disappointing results. One day I happened to be with yoga teacher who suggested yoga may help me; by the grace of god I listened to him. From that very day, my life changed. Slowly and steadily everyday I noticed progress in my health, well-being and mind.

Since then formal or informal, I have been taking classes, training and studies. The more knowledge I gain about yoga, the more interesting and challenging I find it. It is a journey to known and unknown posibilities of human capacity as yoga philoshphy states. I do not know how long and how much further I have to go to grasp the whole yogic philosophy, it may occur within this life time or it may require many more life time. But with 15 years of yoga practice, I can say without a doubt that yoga asana gives us a healthy and strong body, pranayama gives us longivity, and meditation gives us a peaceful and happy mind.

I do not claim to be a Guru or a yoga master but rather a devout yoga practitioner. I would like to share with my brothers and sisters whatever little knowledge I have gathered so far. I have completed my Advance Diploma of Yoga Teaching from Australian Yoga Academy and am available for both group and private classes. I also provide free community yoga classes.