Lalitha Viswanath

United Arab Emirates
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I am a Yoga Therapist with teaching experience spanning nearly two decades. I teach Yoga in its pure, traditional forms and conduct Teachers Training Courses that cover aspects beyond just Asanas. Each of us have in us immense powers of self healing and my objective is to activate this power through self discovery. So my classes include affirmative lecture sessions. Classes are very individual in small batches and provide a combination of therapeutic exercises for specific issues, neuromuscular stretches with strengthening exercises woven together with a recommendation for change in dietary habits. Its an Inside Out transformation that lasts your lifetime. Activating Happiness is my goal.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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A true yogi by all means... Human life is evolution at it's best...and the sooner we realise the importance of having taken this blessed birth, let's focus on the right way of living thru the constant guidance of such a selfless guru like Lalita...not Just at our physical well being...I believe it's more on the mental well-being... This journey of integration is what one must strive to achieve during our lifetime... I strongly recommend you to experience this marvelous journey of life through enlighten yoga centre... Thru Lalita ma am... Thankyou dear team.. god bless...

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Pratimoksha in true sense - Liberation from pain

A life changing experience with Pratimoksha.. the name itself resonates my experience Prati means ‘towards” Moksha means ‘liberation’ ..Liberation from stress and relentless pain with my lower back for years. I had accepted the fact that ‘back ache is going to be a part of my life’ ? . Thanks to a colleague of mine who referred me to Lalitha Mam who was ‘God sent’.


Her patience and drive to perfection in ensuring the right postures are practiced irrespective of the time that had to be invested from her end got me back to my daily routine without nearly no pain experienced in my lower back for the last one year, in addition to bringing in more freshness & energy in me
Would like to thank you Lalitha Mam for being what you are….I look fwd to the class every week to draw that positivity, knowledge, patience, insight, attitude & learn much more from you
Just to quote, as I read on one of the sites …..In the Bhagvat Gita, yoga is expounded as – “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam”, which mean Yoga is perfection in action. Doing every action with awareness, without reacting to situations brings harmony in our lives. It can make you a better parent, a better boss, a better student or a better sportsman. It does not matter what your life style is. Yoga brings in a value addition at every level and enhances the quality of your life.

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My experience with "Pratimoksha"

Satisfying - Peaceful - Exhilarating - Eye-opening .... that would be my experience in just a few words!

I am truly blessed to get this opportunity to be taken under the caring, wise, knowledgeable and encouraging wings of our Gurus & Guides - Lalitha & Sara.


"Pratimoksha" - the concept itself is so amazing and has been so well-balanced & well-executed by the wonderful Gurus and associated staff - it deserves to be applauded ... & more importantly, be followed.
Lalitha especially, made my journey a very effective and impressionable one.
I continue to imbibe the positive values and attitude in my daily life and the positivity, calm and peace I experience, are just outstanding. I will always look up to my Gurus for their wisdom and guidance - physical as well as psychological - today & in future as well.

May Almighty lead "Pratimoksha" and all its hard-working and extremely dedicated members, to prosper and grow from strength to strength!!!

Love & blessings,
Khushi (student)

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An Amazing Yogacharya

Namaste Yogini
I hav been trained by Lalitha vishwanath
For 1 year before my second pregnancy and after delivery for a year
There is a difference of 10 yrs between my two kids second one is 6 yrs old now
But the training which I received 7 yrs back m able to remember all the instructions and asanas very well.
It has helped to me to conceive as well as helped me to balance my Harmones .


Now I continued with her after 6 yrs this helping me to reduce and balance my mind as well.
Had a problem of hair loss that has been fixed with regular suryanamaskar and specially designed variations infact there is new hair growth seen.Yoga is not just a physical activity but it’s a mind balancing act as well v Leant this at Enlightened yoga center
Lalitha and her team has kept on adding new aspects to the yoga programs and specially designed to meet individuals requirements.
I strongly recommend u all to join Enlightened yoga center
Thank you so much Lalitha for being there always ??
Best wishes to you and your team ????

Lalitha ViswanathNovember 7, 2017
Words Of Gratitude!

Dear Archana,We've known for more that a decade and you've been a very old traveller,witnessing Pratimoksha evolve from it's Seed Stage to a Sapling!We feel honored and humbled by your confidence and faith in us and your unconditional support .Words of gratitude may not do justice in expressing ourselves!
God bless!

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Full, personalised attention and guidance

I worked with her first on a personal basis to fix a lasting shoulder issue, what she achieved in a short space of time was incredible. I have now started my yoga journey under her guidance and welcome the mixture of talks and practice and the logical progression through to mental and physical enlightenment. Just wonderful.

Lalitha ViswanathNovember 7, 2017
Humble Words Of Gratitude!

Thnak you So much Ms.Debbie :-) Its indeed rewarding to see you progress and move on to a normal lifestyle!
We are blessed to have you on board and together we travel this wonderful Journey of Discovering Oneself; leading a purposeful peaceful and a happy life!

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Guru with a difference

Lalitha , an enthusiastic trainer ,has unique approaches in her methods. She has the ability to identify the weak spots in our body and suggest remedies for the same. She has sessions dedicated to the well being of our mind also. Committed absolutely..

Lalitha ViswanathNovember 7, 2017
Words Of Gratitude!

Thankyou so much Vidhu! its your faith in us and commitment to yourself that is helping our Mission move forward...

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Very experienced & very good teacher

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"Pratimoksha" a spiritual enlightenment

Yoga is food for my soul ... it's a part of my lifestyle and very close to my heart ?

Lalitha ViswanathAugust 12, 2017
Humble Words Of Gratitude!

Thankyou so Much Nazia...!

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Beyond Yoga

This course offers you a well balanced approach to life not only yoga but your over all thinking, eating , walking , talking and many more.
I’m happy that I joined you though it was for short time but it has changed the prospective.
Thank you, may Allah bless you always.
Love and Light.

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Lalitha has introduced yoga in such a way that it became a game changer for me. I am blessed to have such a dedicated teacher. She is an inspiration for me always.

Lalitha ViswanathAugust 12, 2017
'Humble Words Of Gratitude'

Thankyou So much...Anu,It means a lot!

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One of the best yoga teachers ever!

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In the Super Guru league

She began the classes as a Teacher and along the course transformed into a Guru - continues to be one to me till date. If there was a TIME in the field of YOGA - would have been on the cover.

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Best among all other yoga centers

Completely relief for both mind and body. Specific to particular organs or pain in the body. Generally its unique yoga practice , which i have not come across in my experience.

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A Super spiritual and physical mentor !!

Lalitha is a fantastic person

Lalitha ViswanathJuly 29, 2017
Humble Words Of Gratitude!

Thankyou So much Tasneem,It really means a lot to us!