Lana LaBonte

Clearwater, FL
United States

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My healing began when I decided to make a change in my life. I was living the life but not feeling fulfilled. My body was reflecting this as it became crippled upon hitting my head on a broken safety handle hanging down in a car I had just entered. The sharp-shooting lighting pain struck down my entire left side and the following days escalated into 4 months of severe nerve pain where I was unable to sleep on my left side. That experience made me realize I wasn't nurturing my body, let alone my soul. Ironically, as life would have it, this was also seen in my work environment. Not only did my medical disabilities inhibit my quality of life, it lead to my losing my job. I didn't see the blessings at the time. I only understood it was a Divine guidance to something better than I had been enduring.
Fast-forward 7 years and I can tell you I have amassed an enormous amount of body wisdom and how everything in our life is a reflection of our inner well-being.
In my past life I was a runner, I taught high impact aerobics, step, Jazzercise, kickboxing, Pilates, & cross-training. In an attempt to heal my own physical ailments, I turned to yoga but still felt it meant I had to work hard to get results so, it was Hot Yoga. After a couple years of the same routine, I recognized my practice had been delving deeper & become a meditation in motion. My then teacher asked me when I was going to attend Yoga Teacher Training & so began my path to share what has healed me with others.
I am a certified Hatha & Vinyasa, YTT 200 hrs, trained with Shiva Rea Fluid Power Mandala Yoga, Kundalini Level 1 YTT 200 hrs, Kundalini Level 2 Mind & Meditation, & Kundalini Level 2 LifeStyles & LifeCycles.
I am a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Healing & Wellness Intuitive, & A Blogger of Embracing Inspiration. :-)
I believe it is essential to tap into your body's wisdom because it is always telling you what is going on. If you feel pain, ask it what it needs. If you crave a certain food, ask yourself if you need the food or the comfort it provides. If you feel emotions, honor them, embrace them, and be with them fully so you may heal them because it's in the feeling we heal!
I invite you to join me on a retreat where you can tap into your body's wisdom & feel it to heal it!

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