Lanita Varshell

San Diego and La Mesa, CA
United States

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Lanita is the owner and founder of A Gentle Way Yoga & Joyful Movement Center in La Mesa, California (San Diego).

She has trained teachers since 1998, has taught over 10,000 open classes and private sessions.

Lanita specializes in those new to yoga, plus sizes, aging and health challenged bodies. Her trademarked style: MIMSY - Meditation in Movement Style Yoga is a unique restorative/yin practice that attracts all levels, ages, and types of students. It is yoga for your back, hips, spine and mind.

For Yoga Teachers - Lanita is a deep resource of information on yoga philosophy, chakras, meditation, and the business of yoga.

She trains both new and advanced teachers, and offers annual yoga training retreats throughout the United States.

For new students - Lanita offers group classes and private sessions, especially designed for those who do not feel like they "fit in" to the regular yoga body or yoga world.


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