LaQuesha Jones

Baltimore, MD
United States

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LaQuesha is a native Baltimorean whose journey into yoga begin in 2012 with Bikram Yoga (90 minute structured yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees). Yoga begin from the healing stories of her mentor and fellow yogini, but she did not start to take it serious until her own physical abilities begin to shift. Her journey manifested to Hatha and Vinyasa yoga quickly where she discovered its wonderful properties externally and internally. Soon after she decided to embark on a journey to deepen her practice and teach others. LaQuesha completed her certification as a yoga teacher training under the dynamic Dana A. Smith (ERYT, CLC, master life coach, and holistic health practitioner), founder/owner of Spiritual Essence Yoga. Not long after completing certification, Yoga Wellness was formed under the mantra "Living in Absolute".


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