Larisa Savchenko


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Larisa’s fascination of the mind-body connection started from her preksha meditation and mental relaxation which led her to the study of yoga.
Larisa teaches Hatha Yoga that focuses on an active, well rounded practise. Classes are challenging and open to all, each person is encouraged to work at their own abilities. This class is suitable for both Russian and English speakers.

Well Woman Yoga class is suitable for all women. The lesson focuses on addressing gynaecological concerns that women may face throughout their lifetime. The class uses exercises and breathing techniques which address menstruation, fertility and menopausal issues are addressed, as well as hormonal balance.

Children's yoga
In a fun and playful way children will learn to listen to their body, learn how it ‘s arranged and how to move through yoga postures and breathing exercises. They will learn how to release tension and relax their muscles whilst developing motor nuron dexterity and increased concentration levels.


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