Lasia Roper

St Louis, MO
United States

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Hi! My name is Lasia Roper a Learning Implementation Specialist within Learning & Development by day and a yoga instructor by night. I believe there’s a powerful connection between the mind, body, and soul. The road to discovering this awareness may not be the easiest but it’s well worth the journey. Tap into that inner strength, believe that you are worth it and start your journey to maximize the good in your life.

My fitness journey began in 2012 when I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and do the scariest thing I’ve been wanting and wishing I could do for years, Tough Mudder (10-12 miles of 20+ obstacles challenge). That decision led me to run, doing CrossFit and maintaining a consistent workout routine. I love the intensity of the workouts, the comradery, and the strength it brought me physically. Up until that point, I only did home workouts through DVDs and online videos. That experience was amazing and taught me if I set my mind and work towards it, anything is possible. After I met my goal, my heart and mind was yearning for something more. In 2015, yoga entered my life in many forms; Ashtanga, Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Kundalini and BUTI® Yoga. BUTI® means a cure that has been hidden beneath the surface or kept secret. BUTI® Yoga fuses cardio, plyometrics, and tribal dance into a dynamic, high-intensity yoga practice. The goal of BUTI® Yoga is to guide students through movement, nutrition, and wellness that supports the female spirit-- transforming lives from the inside out and sweating with intention! My love for BUTI® Yoga grew exponentially. This practice renewed my passion to teach. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those around me happy and successful. To deepen my practice and share my passion with others, I've completed Level 1 BUTI® Yoga, BUTI® HotCore®, BUTI® Sculpt Certification, and 200HR RYT.

HotCore® and Sculpt classes, while still utilizing techniques found in BUTI® Yoga, are shorter (25-30 minutes) and are higher intensity workouts to get your heart rate up and your metabolism moving fast. Since November 2017, I have been teaching both HotCore® and Sculpt classes. I love teaching these classes and can't wait to share them with you. My classes are high-energy, sweat-soaked and designed to make your workout fun. They are focused on core strength, proper alignment and moving with intention. They will help you build strength and flexibility. What are you waiting for? Join me and together we can sculpt the you that you have always wanted.


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