Laura Craddock

Memphis, TN
United States
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Laura has been practicing Kundalini yoga since 2010 and has recently completed her 200 hour Kundalini Teacher training. She has gained much life experience in the way of healthy eating and wellness with various food service jobs to caring for ailing loved ones with terminal illnesses. Since 2010, healthy eating, nutrition and yoga have been her passion and desired career path. In 2014, after a life-changing experience in her corporate day job, Laura began to awaken to what true vitality was. Slowly things began shifting in all areas of her life and she began a journey of rediscovering herself as a self-empowered intuitive healer. She has since realized that her passion is all about waking people up to the inherent knowledge we each have available to us. Laura intends to combine her knowledge of nutrition and self-healing with her kundalini yoga practice to teach others how to tap into their own intuition for optimum physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Services Offered

1 hour private lesson one-on-one$8060 min   Book
Semi-Private Group Lesson$10060 min   Book
Individual Meditation Session$4030 min   Book
Holistic Health Consult$7560 min   Book
Food ShoppingMeal Prep Assistance$95120 min   Book
6 One Hour Private Yoga Sessions$33060 min   Book
6 Individual Meditation Sessions$20030 min   Book
3 Month Unlimited Private Yoga$80060 min   Book
6 Month Unlimited Private Yoga$1,50060 min   Book
1 Year Unlimited Private Yoga$3,50060 min   Book

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