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*EVERY Tuesday 20:00 Uhr Ganeha Yoga Raum, Friedrichshain*

Welcome to Laura's Tri Yoga Course.
You can visit my yoga class or book private Tri Yoga lessons.

Tri-yoga is a Flow Yoga Style and so a very gentle way of practising yoga. Through synchronistaion of breath and movement you supposed to experience meditaion in movement.

Tri yoga is perfect for you, if you:
- need a gentle flow
- suffer from lower backpain
- sit a lot in your job
- need to learn how to relax your mind and body
- want to build up your deep muscles
- want to stretch everywhere
- want to learn how to move physiologically accurate to prevent injury in daily live and sports

About me:
I am a graduated Tri Yoga teacher Level 1. I have experience in teaching Tri Yoga for 2 years. My education as a yogateacher is very precise and last for 4 years. I am now in my third year.
My teacher, Urvasi Leone, is one of the best teachers in Berlin, teaching since more then 35 years and is specialised on anatomical correct yoga and teaches us well how to prevent injury.
You can feel safe in my hand and combine it well with physiotherapie.

The Tri Yoga Flows activate "Relaxation - during - Movement" and this cause a spontanuous Yoga Nidra, the deep condition of Relaxation and silence.


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