Laura Lejeune

Liberty Township, OH
United States

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“Let us always meet one another with a smile, because a smile is the beginning of peace” ~ Saint “Mother” Theresa

I came to yoga, when a trifecta of back injuries took me out of running shoes and onto the yoga mat. The gifts that I found there inspired me to share the joy that comes from self-acceptance and the peace that inevitably follows.

Ever the biologist from my formal education and earlier life, I enjoy articulating the science behind each asana. I also relish the anatomical and physiological explanations and benefits behind each asana in accordance with the student’s bodily structure and needs. My teaching aspiration is to bridge the gap b/w body and mind; designing flows to support the individual’s journey towards wellness and peace. Through conscious breath to center the mind and interoception to feel the body in kind and compassionate curiosity, one begins to see that yoga more than simply a healing tool. It is a life implement intended to release long held tension and negativity in the muscles and in the mind. It is a life practice that encourages one to find inner peace and acceptance on and off the yoga mat. To offer one an opportunity to “let go of all that no longer serves’, and to allow a place for health, peace and sweet content to abide within. I strive to create a community of brilliantly, radiant, imperfect perfect yogis/yoginis, exploring what it means to cultivate peace (in our hearts, bodies AND minds) and create a more joyful existence….


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