Laura O'Reilly

Peachland, BC

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My Name is Laura Catherine O’Reilly. Born of Chinese, Jamaican and Irish descent, I grew up in Toronto, studied in Quebec and ended up making my home in beautiful BC. In my early 20’s I worked my way up the corporate ladder only to find that it wasn’t what would fulfill me.

After battling mental health and addictions, I learned that life is too short not to follow your own path. With a newfound passion in recovery, I pursued several roles in social services before finding the best way I could serve the community - Yoga.

Why I Do What I Do:
Yoga allows me to practice what I love, move through life with integrity, trust the unseen and grow with each opportunity. While I might not be able to predict the road untravelled, I know that daily practice keeps me grounded, grateful and prepared to move through life as the best version of me.

My Area of Expertise
Having been sober and in recovery for over 6 years, Yoga, meditation & spiritual practice have been an integral part of my journey. Through lived experience, I know first-hand the boundless benefits of daily practice. This inspires me to bring yoga and mindfulness to people recovering from addictions and mental health challenges. My therapeutic meditation and yoga classes, are the perfect supplement to a variety of treatment methods helping people to experience peace of mind. Working with people in recovery, and those challenged by anxiety & depression, I'm able to channel what once was adversity into helping empower others.