Laura Rivers

Venice, FL
United States
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Nature is the center of my soul with all its surrounding life of the living forest floors, the ocean bodies and the sky above, all incorporate the perfect embodiment for our minds to become one with our body. It is here that yoga and the yogic breath creates that space for self growth and consciousness, healing and total relaxation

My yoga teachings are centered in this consciousness of the self through your breathe work, environmental sounds and aromatherapy, where I give rise to your true self connecting your mind and your body through guided instruction and utilization of the breathe. Each asana is properly aligned for the full benefit. Mindful yoga sessions give rise for that deep relaxing peace to lighten the days stress or physical ailments.

With guided hands of Reiki lll Master and verbal visual guidance to enlighten our journey, we then move through yoga asana utilizing alignment for reaching our proportionate values to feed our daily lives.

It is all about the journey of wellness and relaxation to complete yourself!

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