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United Kingdom

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Hi, im Laura, a nature loving yogi passionate about inspiring change through sharing lifestyle practices that cultivate happiness and wellbeing.

From a young age I was captivated by nature, and this blossomed into a thirst for the science of our environment – how things worked and how they grew. I went on to study Anatomical Science at University as a way to develop and answer the questions that I had about the body and the world around us.

In my early twenties I found myself in the city and beginning a full time business career. Although successful, I became fatigued both physical and mentally, living and working long hours and fuelling my body with coffee and sugar. I studied nutrition whilst working in response to increasing health conditions that western medicine were failing to heal time and time again. Digestive, bladder and kidney problems finally lead to antibiotic resistance, but it was only when my runner’s legs became too stiff for exercise that I turned to yoga. What I have gained from my yoga practice has exceeded my wildest dreams.

In 2013 I made a wild leap and left my full-time corporate life to practice and share yoga full time. Far from being adrift without the career I thought had defined me, yoga became the guiding force in my life. It became my anchor. The more I practiced the stronger, more confident and fearless I became both on and off the mat. I learned to lead with my heart and not with my mind, focusing less on the distractions and expectations of the outside world and more on the voice of my intuition.

Six years later I spent a month in Bali completing my 200 hour RYT Yoga Alliance teacher training certification from Dr. Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori and returned to London determined to lead by example and create a vibrant, mindul, healthy and fun life that honoured my values.

Unlike anything else Yoga allows me to see and feel that I am something more than my possessions, more than my body and more than my thoughts.

My practice has been and continues to be about fostering a trusting and loving relationship with myself to create a climate of wellbeing. This climate ripples out through the loving relationships I sustain with the people and the environment surrounding me.

My yoga classes are about bringing your active mind back into meaningful contact with your body, your breath, and the living world around you. We stretch, elongate, strengthen and heal specific areas of the body to rebalance the mind/body politic and improve suppleness, strength, balance and an overall grace in wellbeing.

Based in Richmond, I offer community yoga, personalised private one to one yoga for adults, teens and children of all levels and abilities and deliver bespoke yoga programmes in the workplace.

I invite you to experience for yourself the liberating and life-affirming bliss that is YOGA!


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