Laura Wynne

Co. Kildare Co Kildare

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I love yoga and the ability it unleashes in us to transform our bodies and minds. I love learning and playing. I am interested in making yoga accessible and fun for everyone regardless of their starting point.

I discovered yoga by accident while in college. That was in 1988. I was hooked instantly. During the following years, I developed a practice which has remained strong during all of my adult life. Despite many changes of direction - yoga and teaching have always been present in some form. At times my practice was very physical. Other times I delved deeper into meditation and the philosophy. Now I have combined all of my passions by becoming a yoga teacher.

I am passionate about making yoga available to everyone. Whether you are a serious athlete or a groovy granny, whether you have limited mobility or superhuman strength – the beauty of yoga is that it is a personal journey. So what you can’t do … is irrelevant. Everyone can become stronger, more flexible and enjoy more balance in their lives.

In 1998 I received training in Transcendental Meditation. Later I trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga Therapy Ireland (Yoga Alliance 500 Hr). My post graduate training includes Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Yin Yoga. My passion for continuously learning and attending workshops drives my husband mad - but it keeps my teaching fresh. My fun approach to yoga and life will hopefully help keep me and my students young at heart, and healthy in body and mind.


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