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The ancient science of Yoga first came into LauraLynn’s life over three decades ago as a key element in coping with a bleak cancer diagnosis at the age of 20. A personal immersion into meditation and asāna, occupied the next 10 years of her life. In 1999 she did a solo quest to Nepal and India, a completely serendipitous occurrence lead her to an asharam in the jungles of southern India where she obtained a teaching certification.

Over the last decade LauraLynn has turned her focus of study to deeper mindfulness through mantra, breath attention, practical life-supporting philosophy, and the alignment of all that is Yoga. Recently she returned to India to complete an additional 200-hour training in Sanskrit and nādā (sound) Yoga. Her deep engagement of Yoga’s many layers informs her insights as a teacher.

My aim for any one, who joins me, as a “student” is to invite them into the experience of uniting with Self. I now know after having Yoga as part of my own path of discovery for nearly thirty years it all leads back to the roots of living life fully. Balance of the mind/body and spirit/soul are inevitable when Yoga’s full spectrum is engaged on a regular basis.

LauraLynn’s 4,000 plus hours of teaching spans from: cancer patients to at-risk youth to military members and war veterans to everyday folk. She hopes she will have the honor of meeting you whether on the mat, suspended in a silk hammock, splashing about in a pool, on top of a standup paddleboard or sitting before the harmonium sharing sacred sound within each of us.

She is the founder of theYoke, an international yoga non-profit,

An account of her life’s journey is captured in Inspired to Live.

You can also see her credentials at: 24276



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A true multidimensional being

LauraLynn taught at Tribal Yoga during her (too short) residence in the Hampton Roads area. From our first meeting I knew I was in the presence of a true multidimensional being. She integrates all aspects of the yoga traditions, bringing a wealth of experience and her wondrous presence to our practice - and our friendship. I soon determined never to miss one of LauraLynn's classes during her time here. Do the same if the Universe brings LauraLynn across your path!

LauraLynn JansenOctober 29, 2018
Thank you 🙏🏽

I am so sorry my time there was
So short. And I am equally grateful to have a dedicated student, like yourself, while in the Hampton roads area. Thank you
Putting into words your experience of me as a teacher. I deeply appreciate it.

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Absolutely amazing

Taking classes with Laura Lynn transformed my yoga practice fundamentally.

She is a true yogi. She brings an incredible asana practice and infuses it with amazing spiritual elements as well. I have never left one of her sessions feeling any less than amazing. She frequently travels to India and continues her yoga education to enhance her practice. It comes through in her classes as she constantly incorporates new and wonderful elements.


On top of her classes, she is just genuinely a wonderful human being. She truly cares about and connects with her students, and love just radiates from her and permeates the whole room. I can’t say enough about how amazing she is, and if you’re reading this I hope you go find out for yourself at one of her classes!

LauraLynn JansenMay 26, 2018

What a heartfelt Review! I am so grateful that my decades of teaching continue to translate on every level to individuals like yourself Emerald. May your venture into teaching Yiga bring you many blessings. I am grateful our mats and hearts crossed paths!

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A Very Encouraging Teacher

I started yoga training with LauraLynn in December of 2017. It was my first real exposure to the practice (not counting my earlier attempts at self-instruction). I entered into the experience from a completely physical point of view (merely a form of exercise). I didn’t give much credence to the spiritual side of the tradition, since I view myself as just a watery, carbon stick with a spark.


LauraLynn not only help me to move into the physical side of the practice, but also showed me that there may be more to that spark than I first imagined. I would highly recommend her gracious, gentle, patient, and experienced instruction to anyone. She is very creative, and possesses a quiet effervescent spirit and a great sense of humor (an imperative when dealing with me). Take a class with her and grow!

LauraLynn JansenMay 25, 2018

Dear Robert, Thank you so much for reflecting outward to others and back to me your experience of delving into Yoga with my guidance. I have so appreciated being part of the catalyst that has opened this mystical ancient practice to you.

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Walking the Walk

I am honored to say that I have had the pleasure of practicing Asana, along with Mantra & Meditation with the cosmic LauraLynn.

This woman's source of wisdom, coupled with her zestful and vulnerable approach to life, make her the instructor you WANT to spend time with. LL doesn't only "practice what she preaches", but she does her very best to live in her truth; in every way. This is what Yoga is supposed to be about, if you ask me. THE IMPLEMENT AND PRACTICE of these philosophies that add joy, clarity and fulfillment to our daily lives.

Go. Give yourself a chance to connect with a human being who not only has 20+ years of experience, but who is wide open and willing to be a source of love and light.

LauraLynn JansenNovember 15, 2017
Talking the Talk

Dear Rachel, thank you so much for expressing your experience of learning with me. Also thank you for being a wonderful support in sharing what I have/am learning, while I was on island. I deeply appreciate your willingness to be a proponent for all I bring to the world.

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Isn't she lovely?

Laura is a truly wonderful teacher. Her love and passion for yoga sets good vibes for every class she teaches. She has taught me so much and I am very grateful I have gotten to absorb some of her energy and knowledge. She makes me feel comfortable even if the asana is a difficult one I hold on to her voice and she guides me through. Thankful. I am very thankful for the positive light she is and continues to be ♡

LauraLynn JansenApril 13, 2017
Dear Ariel

Thank you so much. I have so enjoyed into using you to this new world of yoga whether it is in the air, on the mat Doing asana or sitting together exploring mantra. Really nice having you in classes when I move from the island.

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Newbie and loved it!

Being new to yoga I was apprehensive to take a class with such an experienced yoga instructor. Lauralynn quickly made me feel at ease and didn't make me feel like a yoga idiot. She has a way of making you feel so welcome and explains and shows each technique while also reassuring everyone that we are all different and may need to adjust to our own needs and bodies. I have taken three classes with Lauralynn from inside a boutique to on the shores of Oahu beach to an aerial class. All classes were different but all fantastic. I always leave Lauralynn feeling stronger physically and mentally. Wish I could workout with her more often.

LauraLynn JansenApril 9, 2017

LIz thank you for sharing your experience of my teaching with everyone!

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SUP Yoga Awesomeness

I had the pleasure of taking LauraLynn's SUP yoga classes while I lived in Hawaii. It was a totally new experience for me but with LauraLynn's expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for yoga and the water she had me hooked in 2 seconds! I am now living in Memphis and really, really miss those SUP yoga classes :(

LauraLynn JansenNovember 15, 2017
Missing You

Dear Karen, Thank you for taking the time to share with others your experience of my teaching on the water. I hope we meet again across our boards smiling at the sun!

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Keeping it simple~ supportive, challenging, compassionate~anyone taking a class w/ LauraLynn will not be disappointed!

LauraLynn JansenOctober 31, 2014

Is what happens when I read your words and remember our times shared in learning. Thank you for taking a moment to share with others your concise experience of me in the teacher role. :) Sending love to ya!

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Lives and teaches with great compassion and integrity

LauraLynn is the kind of teacher you will be telling all your friends about. She combines skill, with the capacity to teach and create a space where each student can practice safely, gain body awareness, and play his/her own edge. Unforgettable.
I am so glad to have been her student.

LauraLynn JansenOctober 31, 2014

Is a student like yourself Phyllis so brings all she has to the mat and every day life. Thank you for reflecting back teachings to me! :)

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Makes me brave

LL is great at building/inspiring confidence in your abitities. I took eary morning dawn Paddleboard yoga with her last year. A beautiful experience with a beautiful teacher and person. She is respectful of your limits but encourages you to take that extra challenge for yourself. I also was lucky to start two New Years with a yoga class with her. Her practice of providing a mindfulness threaded braclet on the first day of a new year is so nice. Thank you LL for all you do!

LauraLynn JansenSeptember 29, 2014

Thank you so much Sharon. It was always such a treat to have you as part of that new your ritual. I will miss having you there this coming year. Unless of course you comes the New Year's in Hawaii?!

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Wish I would have come sooner.

I took a few SUP yoga classes with LL right before her big move to Hawaii. The only regret I have is that I waited so long to train with her and skipped out on her SUP teacher training because it was so cold that day (I am a wimp in cold weather now but was raised in the north). LL is a challenging, compassionate, experienced teacher and overall amazing woman.


As a yoga teacher myself I appreciate how she gives her students space to be playful and recognize their own greatness while guiding them through difficult postures. Even in just a few classes she taught me new tricks and showed me some poses I had never done before. It was great to get on the board out in the water, best savassana ever, so peaceful. I like SUP yoga because it humbles me and makes me feel like a beginner to yoga all over again. She will be missed in our yoga community but we are excited for her new adventures.

LauraLynn JansenSeptember 29, 2014

Emily I too wish we could've connected sooner and been able to build a bond both S didn't teacher and teacher teacher. I hope you continue to enjoy all your practices.