Laurel Hodory

Columbus, OH
United States
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Laurel Hodory, MS, E-RYT500 is a senior yoga teacher, a teacher's teacher and has been studying and teaching yoga since 1992. A former studio owner and athlete, she sees yoga as a tool for living an authentic, wonderfully fulfilling life. Laurel teaches classes and private lessons as well as yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats internationally infusing them with her deep understanding of the body and healthy biomechanics. Her classes empower students to harness their power, ignite their spirit and live their dreams. Her inspiring story from Shame to Freedom: The Gifts of an Eating Disorder was recently published. Get a copy at and learn how yoga can help you overcome anything!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Laurel is a perfect teacher for those who seek to experience the authentic aspects of Yoga in all of its traditions. She guides students to develop into comprehensive well trained yoga teachers, as well finding personal balance as they enter the business of Yoga. Her students learn to incorporate Yoga into their lives and mind, enabling them to use Yoga principles in practical and everyday ways.


She was my teacher for both 200 and 500 hour training. Both programs provide a thorough foundation in practice and teaching, which can prepare students to teach beginner, intermediate and even advanced classes. She allows the student to follow the path of Yoga to which they are drawn. She is a master of teaching class sequencing.

Her programs incorporate one on one as well as class reviewed teaching and discussion opportunities to help the student develop and expand their teaching skills.

I can't imagine a more thorough teaching program than what Laurel offers and I feel lucky to have learn from her

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I cannot imagine better.....

Laurel is simply the best. As a 45 year old male, former athlete trying to increase flexibility and improve my focus I have had tremendous results with Laurel. She routinely checks in with how I feel throughout our sessions together to insure the best experience while focusing on my desired outcome. I highly recommend Laurel for anybody serious about improving their life through Yoga!

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Kudos for Laurel

Laurel is one of the most experienced and knowledgable teachers I know. I can always expect to get a great class where I am going to be challenged to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend Laurel if you want a workout both physically and spiritually.

Laurel also offers a 200 yoga teacher training that I did and loved. It was a wonderful personal journey that gave me the knowledge and experience to teach yoga. I also recommend her yoga teacher training if you too want to go deeper in your yoga, your spiritual path and/or want to teach yoga.

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My Guru

I am always looking for ways to enhance my journey in this lifetime, Laurels teacher training was one of the most moving, enlightening and beneficial. As one of the students that went through a metamorphosis both physically and personally, I can say Laurels ability to see the "tightness" in my body and my life changed me profoundly! Her support does not stop after training or off the mat. Laurel offers a community (Kula) that supports, instructs, and lends a shoulder or ear!

Most remarkable are her classes! Intuitive with a unique understanding of the body and how to access it, they release every muscle in the body. You leave more grounded with an inner-awareness that brings both confidence and a lightness to the mind and body.

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Excellent, experienced and inspirational

I have studied with Laurel since 2008. She took me from a novice and taught me the importance of learning my body, how to create a safe and productive practice and how to continue my learning. She opened a door into a world that has been very generous with me. I am so grateful for all of her dedication to me (and all the other students too). She is an excellent teacher with a great deal of knowledge and experience who loves the practice of yoga and that shines through her. Laurel cares deeply about her students and wants them to know the joy that yoga can bring.

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One of the top teachers and trainers in the US today

Laurel is by far a step above when it comes to yoga instructors. Her knowledge of poses, alignment, anatomy, therapeutics, and philosophy are a vast ocean. She brought me to the light of yoga and it has changed my world.
She has one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs that create teachers who go through a metamorphosis during training. You can tell when you get into a class with someone who has been taught by Laurel, each with a unique voice but a deep understanding of the practice.

Laurel HodorySeptember 21, 2013
Thanks and Back at You

That means A LOT to me Sally coming from such an incredible teacher like yourself!