Laurel van den Cline

San Diego, CA
United States

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Laurel was first drawn to yoga in 2002 while in college in Santa Barbara. After years of struggle with her weight and improper diet, she fell in love with health and wellness, and ended up graduating from UCSB with a minor in exercise and sport science. She tried different forms of yoga until she found Bikram yoga where she stayed for a few years. Though a NASM certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor, Laurel felt she was getting too much of the physical aspect of life and not enough spiritual and mental connection until moving to San Diego where she found Vinyasa Power yoga. As her consistency with this practice has solidified, she has seen improvement in her quality of life – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Laurel incorporates her knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, and yogic philosophy to create a fun yet challenging experience that everyone can enjoy. Being grateful for those who helped her gain health and self-acceptance, Laurel loves sharing her passion for health with others, and being a similar resource for her students. According to Laurel, "Yoga cultivates knowledge of the self and the ability we all have to shape our own lives both on and off the mat. I like to create a space to facilitate this awareness in others and make it accessible to all."


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