Lauren Anas

Mission Viejo, CA
United States

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Lauren is an Astanga Vinyasa teacher at the Yoga Alliance 500 hour level. Her love for movement began at a young age, eventually being trained as a classical ballet dancer. She found yoga in college as a way to keep the body healthy, strong and flexible and recognized the benefits yoga has on all aspects of life, not just the body but as a means to transform the way we behave in our every day activities and relationships. She has studied with a variety of renown teachers including Ben Thomas, Richard Freeman, Max Strom and continues to study with her most prominent teacher, Doron Hanoch. She recently assisted both the Doron Yoga Teacher Training 2012 and 2013.

Lauren’s classes are active with an emphasis on building a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Her intention is to create an atmosphere where students can explore their edge, practice what is needed for their bodies and mind in that particulate moment, to have the support and the community to have fun and experience all that yoga has to offer including: releasing stress, releasing emotion, empowering the self, creating strength, finding clarity, developing space, and establishing a healthy body and mind that will last a lifetime.

Lauren teaches a Vinyasa and Ashtanga influenced class. Expect a consistent flow of sun salutations, standing poses, twists, hip-openers, arm balances, forward folds, and inversions. Each class is designed to leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.


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