Lauren Leduc

Kansas City, MO
United States
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A deep longing to heal, nurture, and love myself guided me to yoga in 2001. In the depths my greatest darkness, I found that this strange practice of moving and breathing illuminated something within me that I had so desperately needed: a seed of awakening, consciousness, and divine love. That was just the start. For years, I dipped my toes into the waters of yoga, never quite committing to the practice, but always knowing it had a special place inside me. Several years later, in 2011, after health problems and deep depression, I felt supported and motivated to make some major changes in my life and to dive into this healing practice head first. I kept coming back to the mat, a little stronger each time.

In 2013, I made one of the best decisions of my life and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training through Frog Lotus Yoga to study under the amazing guidance of Jennifer Yarro and Jennilee Toner in the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica. The experience was expansive, authentic, and brought me to a new level of spiritual awakening. This gave me such a strong foundation, not only in anatomy, asana, philosophy, sequencing, safety, etc, but the foundation of my true self: a woman who now sees her bright, fiery light and wants to share it with others.

Since then, I’ve taught over 500 hours, pouring my soul into each one. I’ve also begun to teach internationally, assisting my beautiful teachers in the 2014 Frog Lotus Teacher Training, and co-teaching a retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. My aim is to provide a practice that is challenging, stress-relieving, focused, hands-on, playful, and safe. Most importantly, through my guidance of the physical practice of yoga, I want to help you find your true self. I want you to feel strong, powerful, spacious, and beautiful. I want to guide you into healing the pain of your past, the worries of your future, and to find this amazing space we call NOW. I want you to know you are capable of the impossible. I want you to find the fiery light inside of you waiting to burst forth. I want us to cultivate so much love, compassion, and peace, that we can’t help but share it with the world. Let’s raise the collective vibration, one breath at a time.

*Lauren is available to provide class, group, private, and corporate instruction in vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga. She is also available for private reiki sessions.

**When Lauren is not practicing or teaching yoga, she is busy running working as a graphic artist, advocating for animal rights, experimenting in the kitchen with healthy vegan food, and spending time with her husband.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspirational Teacher

She cares very deeply about both bodily and spiritual aspects being fully present so we can enjoy both in her classes. The descriptions are so easy and soothing to follow making it natural to be able to go deeply inside for my yoga practice. I look forward to every class I get to take with her!

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If you want a teacher who will accept you whereever you are at yet desires you to grow, Lauren is perfect. Her peaceful and positive energy is so congagious I felt it weeks after just one practice with her.

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Favorite part of the class is the end when Lauren walks around and gives our shoulders an extra stretch. So relaxing and perfect way to end the class.

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Amazing energy

I feel very lucky to have had her as a teacher during my training :) she is very reserved but with warm and cozy energy on and off her classes, what made me feel very comfy! She is sweet and open to help whenever you need it. Very patient actually!
Xx much love!

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Lauren is a phenomenal teacher. Her knowledge of alignment and sequencing make her classes unique and absolutely enjoyable to take. Besides this, her adjustments have truly transformed my practice. She really cares about all of her students. She is also a wonderful example of taking yoga beyond the mat through her vegan clothing line and general consciousness. Lauren is an inspiration to me as a student without being overbearing- instead, she chooses to educate through conversation. I would recommend Lauren's classes to everyone!

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Lauren Leduc a Gifted guide

I have had the pleasure to work with Lauren numerous times, she is very focused, attentive and playful. She is very insightful and a wonderful guide in my practice.

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Great balance of physical and mental/spiritual

Lauren is awesome! She is super friendly and really makes you feel comfortable in her class. She does a great job of integrating the mental/spiritual aspects of yoga into the physical practice. Her teaching is perfect for the advanced beginner who is ready to explore yoga beyond just a form of exercise and wants to be introduced to deeper yogic concepts. She has a lot of respect for the position of teacher and totally lives her yoga. You'd be lucky to take a class from her!