Lauren Lee

Boston, MA
United States

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Lauren is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and happy lives. 
She is a sun chaser, loves adventure, lives for connection and indulges in simple pleasures.

Lauren first stepped onto a yoga mat while in University during the bitter cold New England winters and as soon as she graduated she fed her appetite for travel and fulfilled a dream of traveling to India.
Her experience in India fed a fast growing appetite for yoga and she never looked back. 

Lauren is dedicated to teaching the traditional practices of yoga in an accessible, creative and inspiring way. She strives to share the same connection yoga offers her: a practice to help release parts of her she no longer needs, and to create space for more nourishing qualities such as compassion, kindness, patience and clarity.

Yoga reminds her daily to be grateful, smile and stay grounded.

She is humbled by the immense knowledge and layers of consciousness we can explore through yoga. Lauren is a natural born explorer who lives among many countries teaching, practicing and learning —  and has no plans to stop! Her classes reflect a fusion of breath, movement and stillness. She encourages students to explore their bodies and breath, in an organic free flowing way which allows students to naturally connect with the prana, or energetic pulse which is universal within and around us.   

Lauren follows her passion on a daily basis - sharing yoga and living her truth to the best of her ability.


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