Lauren Manning


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globe-trotting yogini, retreat leader, therapist, nutritional advisor, vegetarian, cat lover who's interested in sustainable lifestyles and self sufficient living

I fell in love with yoga back in 1995, whilst living in London and working in Special Needs Education. At the end of my first class I experienced the deep relaxation of savasana and I entered into the beautiful state of peace, joy and tranquility - I was hooked! From then on I went to classes regularly, did my own self practice, volunteered to cook at the yoga centre to learn more about the yoga diet, and eventually tried out satsung and chanting. I practically lived at the centre. It was a wonderful chapter in my life - so many new and wonderful activities and experiences; people, teachers and and after two years I just new that I had to share this with others - I was desperate to become a yoga teacher! The sooner the and there was a Sivananda Teachers' Training Course in California just 4 weeks away. I booked and went and loved it! I started teaching straight away and after teaching at the yoga centre for a few months had classes all over London.

That was all a long time ago now, and since then I have done numerous classes, workshops, courses and further trainings in so many different yoga styles and with numerous influential teachers all over the world. Yoga has taken me to live and teach in Australia, India, Portugal,

I currently live in Portugal with my husband and cats and we try to live as gently as possible with the earth - growing our own food, making our own products and living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Yoga is now a way of living - of breathing, eating, sleeping, interacting,

I still have a self practice where I meet myself on my mat, and I facilitate yoga and detox retreats in Turkey and Portugal.