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About 10 years ago, I enlisted into a gym next to where I worked and discovered yoga through Body&Mind classes. After a couple of months, I was doing a daily class and was completely hooked. 3 years later, I became a licensed pro-teacher for this Body&Mind program. Interstingly enough, this is when I started to turn back to the source and tried the different kinds of yoga available here in Brussels (hatha, sivananda) until I discovered Vinyasa Flow and once again, the magic happened. I chose to train with Alessandra Pecorella in London (who herself trained, amongst others with Shiva Rea) and I'm now a certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher.
I am now dedicating myself to spreading my love and passion of Vinyasa Flow through mindful, sometimes energetic, sometimes soothing classes in Brussels. I prefer working with smaller groups even though I don't practice many adjustments and when, they are very light. I will never adjust someone I don't know and will only adjust someone I know well if it's absolutely necessary as I believe in embodying what I teach. This is also my way of practicing Ahimsa on the mat.
By the way, I never take myself too seriously so expect to laugh from time to time because,yoga just like life, can be approached consciously but with a funny edge. ...


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