Laurie Ferris

Oakland, CA
United States

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Laurie has always been an advocate for wellness at her job at UC Berkeley’s International House. She rallied coworkers to join lunchtime hikes on trails around campus; led impromptu stretch breaks; taught a yoga series for staff; and in 2016, became an official Wellness Ambassador.
Laurie’s love affair with yoga began twenty years ago when she tried her first yoga class and instantly felt relief in her hips and back. When she discovered that a daily yoga practice also helped ease stress from the workplace and prevent hiking injuries, she was hooked. In 2016, she signed up for training and began teaching yoga to coworkers and members of a hiking group. Her training continued in 2017 at Namaste Yoga + Wellness in Berkeley, led by four of the Bay Area’s best yoga teachers: Abby Tucker, Baxter Bell, Domonick Wegesin, and Vickie Bell. As a graduate of their 200-hour “Every Day Sacred” program, Laurie is excited to share the benefits of yoga with UC Berkeley staff for the Active Work program.


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