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I do practice yoga for the past eleven years, and teach it since 2005. 
I do not teach any "branded" yoga, though I may use for some exercises the techniques of a yoga school, but I do not believe in brands. Arising the kundalini, or getting more "power" or getting more relaxed is a natural consequence of most yoga practices, so no need of brands for that. 
I have learned in Paris initially with an Indian teacher, then did a yoga teacher training in 2004 in India, and deepened my practice with the teacher training of the Van Lysbeth School in Paris. Still, I guess most of my practice got really deep when I decided to leave in India in 2007 in a small town.
Practicing music, vocal training and yoga during six years in India may have changed my whole approach to yoga. I will be happy to transmit to you the difference and the beauty of a total approach to yoga, through relaxation, postures, breathing exercises, but and letting

I do teach group classes but if ou want to have a personal training/coaching that would focus on your specific needs, we can also go for individual classes with pleasure.


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