Layah Davis

Toronto, ON
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The more I learn, the more I realize there is to learn.
Simultaneously, in the still silence, in the spaces inside, we are already knowing.

This is the humour and challenge of life. The path to find and be in stillness and ease, with mind, heart, soul and body woven in the spiral dance of love

The beautiful beings I have taught over the years, in various studio's throughout Toronto, International Teacher Trainings and Retreats, have assisted me to learn how to be a better teacher. My training continues every time I go to my mat, and when I roll it up and practice being what I have witnessed.

I am in awe of the labyrinth workings of our mind, the layered complexity and nuances of our heart, the amazing mysterious creation of the body, and the timeless, wondrous, mystical and holy
I feel blessed to assist souls on their sacred earthly journey, in their births and rebirths. I honour the gifts and wisdom I have, and my ability to assist others with their journey and to invite and hold precious the shakti that brings life to all things.

In many ways since I was 16 years old, my life has been committed to awakening and spiritual growth, through my work, practices, and commitment to the unbounded formlessness, to give through the various channels I have, as an educator, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, doula, therapy and transformational facilitator, artist, healer holistic wellness practitioner, mentor, sacred wisdom keeper, spiral dancer and guide, movement educator and dance muse.

Through study and putting it into practice, lending a hand, heart and ear, I lean in to living life in the ancient traditions, by recognizing we are all connected, one heart, one mind, with the mother Gaia, and all our relations.

Using the practices of yoga, and other spiritual and ancient wisdom teachings and practices, we can learn to face fears, challenges and obstacles with willingness, creativity, resilience and love, being an example of the possibility to manage the energies of life and mitigate them with grace, (to the best of our ability) while mentoring others to do the same.

Leading with heart and light, while we honour and embrace the shadow, and all it has to teach us, uncover our unclaimed self, transform the limiting perceptions of self and bring the true light and resonance of our radiant 'being-ness' to shine the fullness of our inherent divinity.

A truly remarkable journey!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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