Lea Horvatic

West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Dynamic Method of training focuses on centering the mind on the breath and sensations in the body while mindfully moving through accessible asana practice which will soften the body, quieten the mind, deepen the breath and make our heart sing.

Challenging, yet safe.

Orientation: sensitivity

Compass: softness

External Dynamic: rhythmic movement

Internal Dynamic: broadening and lengthening

Authority: internal intelligence

Effect: nourishment

Result: trusting life

Value: incalculable

Please check my website for more information on aspects of yoga that I teach. :)


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The Lovely lea!

What can I say about the lovely lea, she is amazing!!!! I started practicing yoga with Lea Over 2 years ago now. I had recently moved to Leeds and tried a number of different teachers before coming across Lea and since then I have never looked back. Lea, incorporates everything you could possibly need from a yoga class.


She explains the benefits of all postures for the body and the mind and starts each class with beautiful mediation, allowing you time to scan the body and calm the mind before starting the practice. She demonstrates and explains clearly how to get the best out of each posture and how to go deeper if your body is ready, but not before. She is also very funny and honest and would be surprised if she did not make you giggle or at least smile during the class at some point. Lea is also extremely caring and genuinely cares about her students, giving up her time outside of classes to help any of us that may need advice and support of any kind. Lea is a truly inspirational, beautiful kind soul and I am not only happy I have discovered my favourite yoga teacher to date, but also an amazing women that I would class as a friend. xxx

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Lea's classes

I started attending Lea’s classes over a year and a half ago. At the time my experience and knowledge of yoga were limited to the stuff one can easily find on the Internet. I was not entirely sure what to expect, but among the things I suspected I would find were flexibility and calmness. A year and a half later I can confidently say that, although I have definitely benefited in that respect, flexibility and calmness are only the tip of the iceberg.


Alongside of the physical and psychological aspects of the practice, one will also find in Lea’s classes combined elements of meditation, self-healing practices and non-religion specific prayer. Therefore, I couldn’t recommend Lea’s classes highly enough to anyone who seeks help to retrieve the solid ground which most of us have been deprived from, by living in a society shamefully inundated by layers of unwholesome nonsense.

One can sense the integrity of Lea’s teaching, where no trace of ostentatiousness or arrogance is to be found. Lea had been practising yoga for decades, before she decided to teach it. So by the time she became a yoga teacher, she actually embodied yoga and its philosophy, so much so that it is now no easy task to distinguish between teacher and subject. Lea is what she teaches.

Lea takes a genuine interest in her students’ well-being in and out of the classes, and generously offers advice, whenever asked. Being friendly and open, she will at times invite experienced students to act as demonstrators in her classes, while she offers hands-on help to other students. She doesn’t mind even admitting that she herself can fall flat on her face, while practising yoga at home. She approaches her students with the utmost respect, which manifests in the discreet corrections she will only make during the class, to protect students from injuring themselves. To quote the words in which she closes her classes ‘… bow to our beautiful bodies, without which we would not be here today’. And don’t be surprised if you leave her class twenty minutes later than expected: Lea is generous with time, and allows the flow of practice to take its natural course.