Leah Kazuko Casey

Melbourne VIC
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Leah has been a yoga devotee since 1997. Her interest in bodywork & the Kalari Healing system includes food, breath & sound practises. Yoga & the Kalari Healing treatments can be easily integrated into our lives today, to gently bring into harmony the body, mind & spirit.
She has studied in the Iyengar, Japanese Ki, Astanga, Knowing Flow & Yoga Synergy styles of yoga. Her interest in yoga & bodywork evolved from training in Madame Borovansky’s Russian Method of Ballet, which she practiced for over 10 years. Some of the internationally recognized teachers & spiritual masters Leah has studied with include Sat Guru Hanuman Das (Dharmikam Ashram, India), Master Yang Zhen Hua (Yang Mian System, NSW), Simon Borg-Olivier & Bianca Machliss (Yoga Synergy, NSW), Nicky Knoff (Knoff Yoga, Qld), Swami Shantananda (formerly known as Jani Baker of Australian College of Classical Yoga, Vic), Jane Ribinskas (Yoga Concepts, Vic), Greg Cooper & Amanda Stead (Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne, Vic), & Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga,USA).


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A wonderful teacher

Leah was a wonderful yoga teacher of mine for around five years while we lived in Melbourne and went to the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne.

Leah is very warm and human even though she can sometimes seem a little reserved. She has a fantastic dry sense of humour and is incredibly caring.

As a teacher, she made me think much more about what I was doing which made me more mindful, careful and strong when going into and holding an asana. This ultimately may have saved me potential injuries.

Leah is immensely qualified & experienced but very humble about it. A wonderful teacher with a wealth of knowledge for those who want to listen.