Leah Stauber

Tucson, AZ
United States

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I'm committed to making yoga accessible, affordable, and physically, mentally, and spiritually therapeutic to all who are interested in incorporating one or more elements into their lives. I specialize in teaching asana, pranayama and meditation practices of all types and levels to diverse populations including athletes, mamas & babies, teens, school teachers, healthcare providers, and elders and others with limited mobility. As a professor of Integrative Health research, I also am guided by the insights developed at the convergence of Eastern traditional practice and Western-styled research. My teaching is guided by deep, ongoing study of yogic texts and those from the Vajrayana lineage of Buddhism. I am deeply committed to extending yoga practices to those who can't access traditional yoga studios, including the under-resourced, the marginalized, the traumatized, and others: My teaching understands yoga to maintain an innate potential for social justice, and in this to hold inherent liberatory potential for not only individuals but their broader communities.