Lee Cooper

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Lee started her journey in Fitness before finding yoga, she was drawn towards that particular path having been an overweight child and battling issues with her weight and self-image. At first glance fitness appeared to keep the bulge at bay therefore, Lee decided to share that opportunity with others who suffered with similar.
From Personal Training Lee went onto to teach Group Fitness, teaching a variety of classes such as Les Mills: Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Attack and RPM. For over a decade she pushed and punished her body by training at high intensity and this resulted in major imbalances in her body until eventually her health deteriorated.
Yoga saved Lee although she put off practicing it for many years and never dreamt of becoming a teacher. The journey continued to fascinate her, the more she explored and it wasn't long after that fascination that she retrained as a Yoga teacher in 2012 with Anne Marie Newland at the Sun Power Yoga School.
Once qualified Lee took an additional year to discover her own practice before teaching and it was during this time that she found a style that moved her - Ashtanga Vinyasa
Today Lee hosts Ashtanga yoga retreats on the island of Gozo (Maltese island) and says that she feels blessed to have had such a hard journey with yoga as it has humbled her and has given her a better insight into what most people feel during their practice, particularly at the beginning of their journey into yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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