Leeah Kropp

Santa Barbara, CA
United States

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I have a deep passion and enthusiasm for yoga. To me, yoga is challenging, playful, and necessary [I still tend to be a little moody when I'm not regularly practicing :) ]. Yoga challenges us all in so many different ways. Whether it be tight muscles, difficulty connecting to the breath, or mentally removing the ego from the practice, I love how yoga encourages us to grow and sometimes, flat out, just forces us to.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training studying Vinyasa Flow in Denver, Colorado. After my 200 hour, I continued to study for additional certificates in Restorative Yoga and SUP (stand-up paddle) Yoga. I combine energizing flow practices with the perfect balance of restorative poses to make sure we strengthen our bodies but also take care of them.

In my classes, we sweat, we laugh, we fall, we get back up again.

We push ourselves mentally and physically.

We honor our bodies and follow our breath.


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