Leia Jones

Blacksburg, VA
United States

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I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Floyd Virginia. My first experience of yoga and meditation was at Blue Mountain School as a child, where it was part of the daily curriculum. Always being a mover, I studied dancing in college, finding healing and my own voice through creative expression. I continue to study and teach a multitude of dance styles. Wanting to deepen my understanding of yoga, in 2012 I decided to study under Anna Pittman at the Breathing Space in Blacksburg Virginia. During this training my love for the ancient art of yoga, its limbs and philosophy was nurtured and expanded. I believe mindful movement can help cultivate unconditional love and compassion. It can help transform trauma, stress, anxiety and unhealthy habits. It assists us in embracing our own beauty and gives us the courage to acknowledge, accept and transform the disconnected, hurt and fearful places inside us. I am an artist, dancer and yoga teacher. I'm inspired by the beauty of the natural world and by observing our deep connection to all things on a fundamental level. My personal practice is rooted in the unification of yoga and dance. I have learned that mindful movement has the ability to reconnect us to our joyful-spirits and heal the broken parts within us. My unique soulful teaching approach is an exploration of movement, intention and breath.


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